Monday, October 21, 2013

How Do I Respond?

Wayne Barber, in his workbook Life Principles from the Kings of the Old Testament, asks the question, "How do you respond when God confronts you with your own sin?"

I avoid thinking about it.

I get angry with the messenger.

I avoid God, church, godly friends, and the Bible.

It breaks my heart, and I turn to God in repentance.

I’m upset with myself and determine to try harder.

I compare myself with others and decide I’m not that bad.
How we consistently respond to sin is one of the best indicators of our spiritual growth.  It is evidence of God’s work in our lives and our response to Him.  The temptation to avoid truly dealing with sin can be a subtle snare.  Sin always has consequences, but it seems that the greatest consequences are for the failure to repent when we are directly confronted by the Lord with our sin.  -   Wayne Barber, Kings of the Old Testament


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