Saturday, July 27, 2013

Warnings for 40-Somethings

A great fear has been at work in my mind and God has used it to arouse me to prayer.  I came across a man whom I knew years ago, a mighty man of God, and now ten years have gone and I meet him again - garrulous and unenlivened [shallow and superficial].  How many men seem to become like that after forty years of age!  The fear of sloth and indulgence has come home with a huge fear and fairly driven me to God to keep me from ever forgetting what I owe him.  - Oswald Chambers

We have observed that most people cease learning by the age of forty. By that we mean they no longer actively pursue knowledge, understanding, and experience that will enhance their capacity to grow and contribute to others. Most simply rest on what they already know. But those who finish well maintain a positive learning attitude all their lives.  - Bobby Clinton, Connecting, p. 222

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