Friday, January 11, 2013

The Father of the Year

What does it take to make a man a good father?  The National Father's Day Council seems to think that Bill Clinton has it, as they have selected the former President as the Father of the Year.  (What?!)

Todd Wilson, a Christian speaker known as "The Familyman," writes an excellent response to the NFDC.  I will post it here . . .

Hey Dad,

I’ve decided to forgo what I had planned to write in lieu (whatever that means) of the news that was just passed to me by familyman, Tim B.
Are you ready for this? It was just announced that The National Father’s Day Council selected former President Bill Clinton as the Father of the Year.
The group selected Clinton for his “profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations,” Dan Orwig, chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee, said.
Now, I could respond with a variety of critical comments, but let me forgo those in lieu (that’s 2X) of something more…constructive.
Someone’s business credentials have nothing to do with fathering, although most of the world would disagree with me.
It seems to me that almost every Father of the Year award I’ve ever seen awarded is given to some ‘dad’ who is successful in business, Hollywood, or some other media. That should not be the criteria or the arena that determines the Father of the Year award. It’s about sacrifice.
So, Dan Orwig, Chairman of the National Father’s Day Council, here’s my criteria for the Father of the Year Award.
The recipient should be relatively unknown, not as successful as his peers, having sacrificed his own ambitions for the sake of his family. He should have a wife who smiles a lot, even when no one is looking. His children are far from perfect, but they love their dad who is home most every night for dinner, is involved in their lives, and prays with them as he tucks them into bed.
The dad has fingerprints on his dress shirts, handle bar scratches on his car, hasn’t played golf in years, and doesn’t hang out much with the guys. He’s been invited to more little girl tea parties than power lunches, takes time to know who his kids’ friends are, and can’t remember the last time he watched a movie that he wanted to watch.
The only important people he knows are Dora the Explorer, the Avengers, and Mr. Rogers. His desk is covered with family pictures and kids’ artwork. He tears up when he thinks about his kids leaving the nest. He gives, he sacrifices, and he never quits trying.
And if you ask what he does…he answers, “I’m a dad.”
That’s my criteria for Father of the Year, Mr. Orwig.

You can view Todd's blog here.

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