Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quotation of the Day

Once the truth regarding the absolute and final authority of the Scriptures is established, it is surprising to me that anyone would resist the idea that God still speaks to people in other ways today. God has been speaking to people from the beginning of human history, both directly and indirectly. God still speaks in all the same ways He has: He is the changeless God, and His reach to humanity continually extends by every communicative means, including intimately speaking by the Holy Spirit with His own sons and daughters in Christ.

Sometimes He speaks instructively, correctively, directively or protectively. Sometimes He speaks with thoughts we sense are His, as the Holy Spirit ignites what we are reading from the pages of the Bible. Sometimes He speaks with inner promptings that come as divinely given intuition, insight or warning. Sometimes He speaks with prophetic words which draw our attention to a larger, clearer understanding of His will as revealed in His eternal Word.
– Jack Hayford, Living the Spirit-Formed Life

I do believe God, through the Holy Spirit, communicates directly with believers. No, I don’t write these revelations in the back of my Bible and call them inspired. Neither do I run around telling everybody what God told me. My experience (as well as the experience of many godly men and women) is that the Holy Spirit, at the prompting of the Heavenly Father, still communicates with believers today. The Holy Spirit indwells me. He doesn’t need my ears. What He needs is a listening heart and a renewed mind. – Charles Stanley

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