Monday, June 20, 2011

Rossie Davis

I have had a heavy heart today since I heard the news that our friend Rossie Davis died last night of a heart attack. He and his family had just gotten to the beach this past weekend and were no doubt looking forward to a week there.

I visited with Rossie's mother Helen for a while this morning. I held her and she wept and wept in my arms and would not let go for a long time. Rossie's wife Jamie and the children are driving home this afternoon. As providence had it, Rossie was 48 and his oldest son almost 15. Rossie's daddy died when he was 47 and Rossie was 15. Also, Helen's father died on a Father's Day, June 18 years ago.

Rossie was in a breakfast small group with several of us from our church. For about 5 years, Buddy, Bob, Donald, me, and later Chris and Jay met regularly with Rossie (who always arrived late - ha!). His family will undergo major adjustments in the coming days.

I remember Rossie for his tears. Though he was not like this much person to person, as a pastor I would see his face many times in the crowd or in the choir loft. He was usually one of the first people to start crying when something touching was shared.

Losing friends makes you evaluate your own life, no doubt. None of us are guaranteed another day. Makes you consider what things that we worry about are really important. What are we doing today in the life of those we love that will outlast us? What are we doing that matters to the Lord?

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. - Psalm 90:12

Some thoughts to chew on . . .


  1. In the past few weeks there have been Two people in my life that has died unexpected. First my ex-brother in law(Charles Riddle) that was killed in his home and then last week my Uncle David Snipes. I certainly makes one think about the brevity of life and what your priorities are. We need the be about our Father's business and make absolutely sure that you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Another is to take time for family and friends, call, visit, send cards and most of all pray for them. I worked at Sheriff's Office and had many dealings with Rossie and was sadden to hear of his death early this morning. Prays go up for his family.

  2. will be praying for the Davis family

  3. Thoughts and Prayers to the Davis Family...Rossie was my sons tball coach and 3rd base coach for coaches pitch..RIP ROSSIE!!!