Monday, May 16, 2016

Make Your Voice Heard #4: Contact Your Local Target

Target made a bold move several weeks ago and thrust themselves to the forefront of the transgender fiasco in our nation.  Here's what you can do.  Read the following and then scroll down to see how to contact your local Target.

Click here to Read the article 5 Reasons Target's Trans Bathroom Policy Really Stepped In It by Glenn Stanton.

Click here to read the Action Alert about the AFA delivering the petition with over 1 million names to Target executives.

Click here to sign the Boycott Target Pledge.

Contact your local Target store either in person, in writing, or on the telephone. Here is an example of what you could say.  If you talk in person or on the phone, make sure that you remain respectful while stating your convictions.

For the upstate of South Carolina, here are the local Targets:

Greenville - Woodruff Road.    286-3689 

Simpsonville - Fairview Road.   963-7251

Spartanburg - Warren Abernathy HW.    574-1211  

Clemson - Clemson Blvd.   224-9772 


My name is Rhett Wilson.  My wife and I have shopped at your store for many years.  We have shopped at various Target stores for more than twenty years.  We have spent thousands of dollars through those years on household items, clothes, and Christmas presents.

However, because of your new transgender bathroom policy, our family will no longer shop at any Target stores.  

This unwise and unnecessary policy violates the basic biological reality that men are men and women are women.  Men should not be allowed in women's restrooms, nor women in men's.  This is not about hating anyone, but about acknowledging truth.

Allowing men in women's restrooms is unsafe and unwise and opens the door for predators and other wrongful behavior.

Your company is making a very inappropriate choice at this time, and I can no longer support you with my money.

Very sincerely,


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