Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Dr. Tony Evans: issues call for Kingdom Race Theology

“God is not colorblind, but neither is He blinded by color,” he said. “We are of every tribe and nation, and God sees us. But the only subject of the Bible is the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. We are never to allow the politics of men to break up our
togetherness, so stand together as the Lord sends you.”

At the close of his July 21 address, Evans was asked by an attendee if, considering all of America’s historic faults when it came to race, was it even possible to be patriotic?

Frederick Douglass, Evans responded, called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution “freedom documents” that America has yet to live up to. “The documents are perfect,” he said. “The application is flawed.

“The magic of America,” Evans continued, “is in the Declaration of Independence because it recognizes that there have been immutable rights granted by God that the government has been established to protect.”

Read the entire article by Scott Barkley here on Baptist Press.

Also see the Christian Post article on the same topic here, where you can also listen to Dr. Evans' two Wednesday-evening sessions addressing CRT.

Image courtesy of Steve Johnson at Pixabay.

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