Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Twenty Years

We celebrated 20 years yesterday. Not our wedding anniversary. We met on a cold, winter night in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 31, 1997. Lori Elliott Elbert hosted a party in her Fuller Hall apartment for some music school students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Tracey says she wondered why I was so friendly and followed her around all evening. Then it was supper at Chili's on Saturday and a Martins' concert with Mark Tannery, Mitzi, and other friends. Then church on Sunday and lunch. Then our first official date one week later at Tumbleweed Mexican restaurant. Then a Susan Ashton concert on Valentine's Day. Then countless suppers together in her #116 apartment. I still call her my Fuller 116 girl. And now, twenty years!!! Love Tracey Funderburk Wilson!!! Here is our 20-year caricature to celebrate! 

The Lord was faithful yesterday, and He will be faithful tomorrow.That was my best decision the past 20 years!!