Friday, October 27, 2017

Why Honor My Pastor? Remembering Clergy Appreciation Month

I wrote the following article several years ago in hopes it would bless some pastors somewhere.  It continues to be viewed, and I hope it helps some of God's servants out there . . .

Dick Lincoln once said, "Church at its best is as good as it gets, and church at its worst is as bad as it gets."  No one understands this reality more than pastors and their families.

Every October I consider writing a post about Pastor Appreciation Month.  

However, being a pastor, it seems awkward.  John MacArthur said it well when teaching his church about honoring pastor-elders, "I feel a little bit awkward up here telling you that you need to honor elders of which I am one. Obviously I could be accused of a conflict of interests and I could also be accused of having a self-serving motive. So I want to put in an immediate disclaimer on any of those things. I'm trying to teach you the Word of God."

I will bite the bullet this year and write a post with the hope of eventually providing encouragement to some man of God out there serving his church.  Hopefully, persons from other congregations will read it and the article will spur them on toward love and good deeds toward their pastors.

Read my entire article, Why Honor My Pastor?, here.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pumpkin Time

Picture used by permission from Pexels
We've got pumpkin in the cereal and pumpkin in the spread, pumpkin in her coffee, and toasty pumpkin bread. Pumpkin-smelling candles, and a pumpkin on the hearth. Pumpkins on the flag outside and pumpkin smells wafting in my head. We are busting with so much pumpkin, if you cut me, I just might be pumpkin-bled.