Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Prayer on My 50th Birthday


Help me hold on to those things that reflect my true self, not driven by other voices, but Yours.

Help me listen to my calling – vocal – vocation – innately from within – congruent with the materials entrusted to me by my Creator.

Help me hold loosely the expectations of others, so I can pursue the best things, expanding on my unique abilities and passions, thus serving the greatest good where my deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger.

Help me look back only for wisdom and thanksgiving. Keep my gaze moving forward, letting go of yesterday's losses, building on the strength of the past, embracing today’s limitless opportunities, and expecting a fruitful and prosperous tomorrow.

Help me create legacy, assisting, encouraging, and empowering fellow travelers and friends on life’s journey, embracing the good and walking in the divine Presence of the Unseen One.

Help me take action, thinking deeply, treasuring wisdom, grasping opportunity, making decisions, living creatively, sharing generously, advancing positively, choosing now, embracing love, faith, hope, truth, and joy – and dreams that parallel with God's reality.

Help me to laugh, reflect, rest, and enjoy the most important blessings of life.

by Rhett H. Wilson, Sr.

On my birthday, I enjoyed listening to the message How to Stay Young and Useful All Your Life by Charles Stanley. I hope it encourages you like it did me!

See also 50 Things for a 50th Birthday by my wife.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

50 Things for a 50th Birthday


Here's my favorite birthday gift - from my dear wife! . . . 

Somebody is turning 50 tomorrow! Happy birthday to my Rhett Wilson

Here are 50 things I can say about Rhett.


1 loves God

2 loves Tracey

3 loves Hendrix

4 loves Anna-Frances

5 loves Dawson

6 loves his Hendrix family

7 loves his Wilson family

8 loves his Funderburk family

9 loves a good meat ‘n three

10 loves a good mystery

11 likes to dance like Bill Cosby/Cliff Huxtable

12 likes to eat seafood

13 is a great writer

14 is a faithful friend

15 is a giver

16 is an incredible father

17 spends time with those he loves

18 buys great gifts for those he loves

19 loves Dollywood

20 loves Daytona Beach Florida

21 is a good son

22 spends time with the Lord daily

23 prays for his family often

24 is a fantastic teacher

25 likes wrangler jeans 🤷🏼‍♀️

26 likes politics

27 loves our nation and it’s founding fathers

28 is a published author

29 is wise

30 is steady

31 is not easily angered

32 is forgiving

33 takes good care of those he loves

34 gives good advice

35 loves to cheer for UNC, Duke and Kentucky basketball

36 will mail you a book to help you with any issue you’re facing in a quick minute

37 likes old shows like Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies and Murder She Wrote

38 has written several songs

39 has recorded three albums

40 composed a song and sang it to Tracey at their wedding

41 cried when all three children were born

42 cried with me when two went to college

43 can type faster than anyone I know

44 takes the Lord very seriously

45 enjoys laughing at himself

46 loves to go to the post office- gotta mail somebody a book!

47 collects stamps

48 doesn’t complain

49 doesn’t like animals that much, but we currently have a cat, 2 dogs and 13 puppies

50 is deeply loved and cherished!

Thank you God for Rhett Hendrix Wilson Sr.!


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Fly Like an Eagle


I've received an incredible amount of benefit the last few years from Dan Miller and his 48 Days Community. They help people like you and me find or create profitable and enjoyable work (and a life) you love combining your SKILLS and ABILITIES, PERSONALITY TENDENCIES, and your VALUES, DREAMS, AND PASSIONS.

Dan Miller's 48 Days Eagles Community helps driven, smart, creative individuals like you who are willing to take action to break free from monotony, find your true purpose, and create not only work, but a full life you thrive in.

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