Friday, December 28, 2018

Mary Poppins Returns - Delightful!

The new Mary Poppins Returns movie delivers 
warmth, fun, and a jolly holiday with Mary! 
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Watching the new movie feels like a natural sequel 
to the beloved 1964 Mary. The new one 
contains many respectful
and creative nods and similarities to the original 
while containing its own story and sound.

How wonderful to enjoy a musical with dazzling 
colors, sounds, and costumes - and without any 
socio-political agenda nor any suggestive 
sexual or potty humor. 

I tapped my feet, clapped my hands, and left 
wanting to see it again. Watching several of the 
scenes, like the over-the-top lamplighters number,
captured me so much like watching 
a Broadway show. Those numbers delivered 
more than my senses could take in and
left me wanting more!

I hope 2018's return of the big, positive, Broadway-style

movie-musical, with The Greatest Showman and 
Mary Poppins Returns, will encourage movie-makers to 
continue producing similar family-friendly projects.

And to top it off, viewers get to enjoy
Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury. 
When I left the theater,
I told my wife, "It was delightful." 
We give it an A+.

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