Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Worth the Wait

Used by permission from Pixabay
Wait. And wait again. We were so discouraged.  Why did our prayers keep going unanswered?

Three years earlier at a conference, my wife Tracey and I believed the Lord wanted us to go home, sell our house and trust Him for the next step.  Though we were happy with our home, in one month we had a For Sale sign in the yard.

Nine months later we sold the house and moved into a small but livable barn that some friends let us rent.  We moved from the city to the country and from 1200 square feet to what felt like far less!  The barn was on 100 acres, and we thought that it would be fun for the kids to roam outdoors for the summer months.  We were sure that we would only be there for a short while.

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