Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ten reasons I’m glad I was homeschooled

Excellent article by Ellen Densmore, Colorado Christian University student 

“ 'Do you have any friends?' 'I wish I could stay in my pajamas all day.' 'I couldn’t stand being around my family all the time.' Those are just a few of the common questions and assertions I’ve grown up hearing as a student who was homeschooled all the way through 12th grade. 

So, since you asked: Yes, I have friends; no, I don’t stay in my pajamas all day long; and I rather like my family, thank you. Homeschooling is an empowering institution—not a lazy one. It’s a system that builds family devotion, personal initiative, and communication skills, and allows individual passions and interests to drive each student. There are a plethora of reasons I’m thankful I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, and I’d like to share just 10 of those with you.

#1. Christian Worldview

Instead of being subjected to indoctrination in the state’s public school that have effectively eliminated God from the public square, I was educated in an environment where God was a key part of every aspect of life. The sciences are packed with evidence of His hand and design in creation; geography and social sciences are studies of His people; history is 'His-story,' and I grew up recognizing His divine plan for Israel, the world, and America. Beyond textbook schooling, my parents instilled me with what I like to call a 'worldview filter' through which I examine every book, movie, and song lyric. My Christian worldview is the foundation of my intellectual and spiritual identity.

Read the entire ten reasons here.

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