Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Discipleship Tuesday: Sowing and Reaping

Al Ganksy has a good word this week about the law of sowing and reaping . . .

Back in my preaching days I was making a point with the congregation. We had been working our way through Galatians and came to the oft quoted passage about reaping what we sow (Galatians 6:7). To illustrate a point I wanted to make, I asked a series of questions and encouraged the congregation to respond (we were a casual group).

Me: “If we plant corn, what will we reap?”
Them: “Corn.”
Me: “If we plant wheat, what will we reap?”
Them: “Wheat.”
Me: “And if we plant nothing, what will we reap?”
The: “Nothing!”
Me: No, I’m afraid that’s wrong. If we plant nothing, then we will reap weeds.”

I went on to explain that I owned two-and-a-half acres of, well, dirt. I was living in the High Desert area of California and all the houses in my neighborhood were set on two-and-a-half acre parcels. Since this was in the desert, water was expensive. There were very few lawns. Despite that, I had to have my lot cleared every year because weeds would grow and if left unattended they could get as tall as a small child. I didn’t plant those weeds. I did not water those weeds. I never fertilized those weeds, yet they came up every year.

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