Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Kavanaugh Effect and the Election

Excellent commentary by Newt Gingrich.

“I do not remember any political event that has so galvanized Americans.

First, the sheer viciousness of the smears, lies, and character assassination galvanized Republicans who had been relatively passive about the election. Now they are deeply angry about the Democrats’ dishonesty and nastiness. They were especially offended by the Left’s behavior since Kavanaugh has two young daughters who had to endure such personal lies about their father. The Republican base’s energy is dramatically higher than it was two weeks ago.

If 'Remember the Alamo' was a rallying cry for Texans, 'Remember Kavanaugh' has become a rallying cry for Republicans.

Second, 2018 has become the year when the mask came off the Democratic Party. On issue after issue, Democrats have become radical advocates of radical policies — policies that they are willing to use radical, coercive actions to force on the American people. Their support for open borders, sanctuary cities, government-run healthcare, higher taxes, bigger government, and endless resistance, investigations, and threats of impeachment have all seemed radical. Their intensely hostile description of their opponents — deplorables, people who consort with evil, people who should be kicked, confronted, driven out of restaurants and stores — these all seem a radical break with the American system. Watching Democratic activists scratch at the Supreme Court doors seems out of control. The behavior of these radical activists is becoming a definer of the Democratic Party — reinforced by incumbent Senate Democrats who are using similar language and tactics in the Senate hearing room. For many Americans the mask is off, and the Democrats have become a frighteningly dangerous party.”

Read the entire article at Gingrich Productions here.

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