Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dangerous Implications

"As I sit down to write my monthly letter this morning, many important topics are running through my mind. Only one, however, rises to the top. Powerful social movements and passions are 'blowing in the wind,' and most of them have dangerous implications for the institution of the family, religious liberty, our children and unborn babies, and the country at large. The Ship of State, on which we all are passengers, is steaming into uncharted waters, and the midterm elections occurring on November 6 will determine its course for decades to come. That's why my letter this month conveys a single urgent message. Christians must go to the polls next month and let their voices be heard! Turnout will determine the outcome. What will you do about it? Will you sit out this election? God help us if you and I fail to fulfill our moral responsibility.

Sean Hannity, commentator with Fox Cable News, said this November election is more important than any midterm in our lifetime.1 Everything is on the line, and a wholly new interpretation of the Constitution looms before us. Socialism would replace freedom and free enterprise.

I believe Hannity is right. Looking back, I am convinced that Abraham Lincoln's second term in 1864 was the most consequential presidential election ever. Lincoln ran on a promise to finish the Civil War and preserve the unity of our nation. Opposing him was General George McClellan, who wanted to end the war and leave the country divided. The editors of many newspapers supported McClellan and predicted his victory. If the General had prevailed, America would likely be two separate and competing nations today. Instead of a statue of McClellan standing in our nation's Capitol, an inspirational monument depicts a seated Abraham Lincoln. It commemorates what this man did to preserve our nation and abolish slavery. That is why we honor him today."

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