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Defend the Field! - Post by Rhett Wilson, Sr.


Faith, Family, and Freedom. Week of 12.15.20


The 2020 Presidential Election was fatally flawed, with massive deception and criminality in several states. We are experiencing the largest crime in American history.

Pastors and Christians, this is not the time to roll over and play dead, to be the nice guy, or to say, “I can’t speak about this because it might hurt my Gospel witness.”

This is the time to be the watchmen on the wall of our society, praying, listening, and speaking up. (See my short devotion at the end of this post about Shammah.)

Justice matters. Truth matters. And liberty matters. All three are profoundly Judeo-Christian concepts, deeply rooted in the Scriptures, in a Christian worldview, and in Western legal foundations.

If you only read one article in this edition, read this one: Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism. In it, the editors of The Epoch Times wisely warn America:

This is a conflict that transcends party lines, a battle between whether we as Americans can stay true to our founding principles and follow God’s will, or whether we will be subjected to forces that seek to control and destroy our most fundamental rights.

This is not something we say lightly; because our newspaper’s founders lived through communist totalitarianism, they understand its destructive force.

As a media organization, we are independent and don’t take positions on political issues or candidates, but rather stand for truth and justice.

America has now come to the brink of falling into a communist abyss.

At the center of this battle is now President Donald Trump, who has clearly said no to socialism and communism and ended decades of appeasement of the Chinese regime by enacting a nationwide effort to counter its influence and infiltration.

Trump has confronted the CCP at this critical moment in history.

To communist China, the trajectory has been clear: Trump is an American president who values tradition and opposes communism, and as long as he leads, the Chinese regime knows it won’t succeed in its decades-long objective to overthrow America and, with it, the rest of the free world.

We have communist China at our gates, ready to take over. Read the rest of their article here.

Today, the Democratic Party has embraced Leftism, which is an enemy of religion, truth, freedom, and America. Southern Baptist Seminary President Dr. Albert Mohler correctly writes, “In 2020, Christians must realize that our two political parties represent two radically different visions of the nation and its future, two different understandings of the role of government, two very different ways of reading the U.S. Constitution and even two different moralities.”

Remember, Satan is the father of lies. Deception is his greatest weapon.

Today, the Left thrives off of lies. The national mainstream media props up a narrative that is often out of touch with reality. One of the benefits of the Trump years has been to expose the media’s blatant deception. The Democratic Party personifies the term “gaslighting.”

We are in a battle for our nation’s soul.

A forensic report from the Allied Security Operations Group of election results from Antrim County, Michigan concluded Dominion Voting Systems is “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” Read about it where The National Pulse shares in Report Claims Dominion Error Rate Of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed To Create Systemic Fraud’.

Here's a similar article from Newsmax: Audit Finds Mich. County's Dominion Voting Was Rigged to Create Fraud.

Michael Byrne founded and built it into a 2 billion dollar company. He is aformer National Entrepreneur of the Year. He’s also a staunch Libertarian who did not vote for Donald Trump. Byrne said this week, “The election was hacked. The outcome has been rigged – and should be completely discounted through the courts system.” He shares in this interview, there are at “least ten cheats in the Dominion system. . . . It’s far easier to hack this than your Paypal account.” See the interview here.

This isn’t about Trump – or Republicans. Stephen Strang of Charismanews writes that Rodney Howard-Browne Insists, 'This Is Greater Than Trump; It's About America'



Praying Our Way Through the Darkness

One of the most helpful resources I’ve ever used personally to help my own prayer life is Dutch Sheets’ book Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth.

Recently, Pastor Dutch began leading a daily online prayer time for our nation called Give Him 15, which broadcasts on YouTube. I encourage you to frequent his prayer time, which usually lasts between 9-15 minutes. Here is the link to the one from December 15, called The Lord Will Prevail in this Ongoing Battle.

I am also enjoying an alternative news outlet – news told from conservative, Bible-believing Christians. The outlet is called Flashpoint, found on the Victory Channel.

You can see one episode here, including an interview with Pastor Dutch Sheets.


Every Wednesday night, Tony Perkins leads a prayer time for our nation at 8pm at the following link: Pray.Vote.Stand. You will also find valuable tools there.

Intercessors for America put out this encouraging, timely word - We Know you Are Weary, but You Are Needed to Build a Wall.


Stopping the Steal

Last weekend, tens of thousands of believers gathered in  Washington, D.C. for a Jericho Prayer March to “Stop the Steal.” I listened to some of the live broadcast via Youtube, and it was encouraging. See CBN’s article about it here: 'Let the Church ROAR!' National Prayer Rally Comes to DC for Jericho March to 'Stop the Steal.'

African-American Representative Vernon Jones says that what the Left has done with the massive fraud in this election is to awaken the giant: Georgia Lawmaker: ‘What They’ve Done Is Awaken a Sleeping Giant’.

Fred Lucas shares good points in 3 Things to Know as 2020 Election Challenge Moves to Congress.

We need more Patriots full of courage and ready to take a stand. View Mo Brooks & Bombshell Testimony in Georgia. Brooks says, “I’m absolutely convinced that this is the largest voter fraud and election theft in the history of the United States of America. I’m taking a stand! I will object to the Electoral College vote certification in the House to protect our Republic from the dictatorial Socialist Democrat take over.”



You’ve Been Warned

Lou Aguiler writes what many conservatives currently feel about FOX News - Commentary: Fox News’ Media Suicide.

Leona Choy warns Christians to not be duped by the mainstream media in Beware: 'Infodemic' Is Distracting and Blinding Believers as a Weapon of Masked Deception.

Kay James of The Heritage Foundation writes How Conservatives Must Counter the Media’s Left-Wing Election Advocacy

Remember the phony impeachment debacle? Another example of Democratic Party gaslighting. Fred Lucas does a good job giving a birds’ eye view of that scam in his article, The House Voted a Year Ago to Impeach Trump. Here’s What You Need to Know About That.



Be Prepared

“Trump should use those powers as president to safeguard the future of our republic and arrest those who have conspired to deprive people of their rights through election fraud. The Insurrection Act enables Trump to use the military to seize the key electoral evidence in contested states and deliver a transparent, accurate accounting of the vote.

Our system is in crisis. Trump would act to restore the rule of law.

Through opening the books, honesty can defeat fraud. The wishes of the majority of the people will be realized and communism defeated,” so writes the Editorial Board of the Epoch Times. Read their article, At This Critical Time, President Trump Should Take Action.


And here’s a great article on homeschooler turned lawyer for President Trump: 'Completely Dedicated to God' and Country: Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis and Her Quest for the Truth.

Attorney Ellis has been credited recently with posting the following, though I’m not convinced it originated with her – but it is worth the read. [If the following happens, be prepared. There will be rioting, looting, and lawlessness like we have never seen. That is why my wife and I took our Concealed Weapons Permit training this fall.]



Today, the electoral college votes will be sealed and sent by special carrier to Washington where they will remain sealed until January 6th when the House and Senate will come into a joint session to open the votes. The media is going to make you believe that it's all over and Joe Biden is now officially president...
On January 6th, Nancy Pelosi will sit down with the rest of the House members as she has no special power or authority over the hearing... Vice President Mike Pence will have all the authority as president of the Senate for that day and will accept or reject motions to decide the next steps by the assembly.

Remember... Mike Pence is in full authority that day as written in the Constitution. The ballots will be certified today but that means nothing...
The votes will be opened and at that point one House member could, and most likely will, raise their hand to object to the Vice President on the state of elector's votes.  That objection could cover fraud or any other reason, and with the seconding of that objection everything changes. Everything!!

The House and Senate will divide for two hours (at least) to debate, then vote. The vote will be per Senator with the Vice President being the deciding vote if needed in the Senate, while the vote in the House will be only be ONE vote per delegation, per state, not per House member!!!  The Republicans have 30 delegation votes compared to the Democrats 20 delegation votes.

If this scenario runs true, President Trump gets re-elected.

The Democrats, the media, social networks and globalists around the world will come unhinged and chaos will erupt. Bigly.

President Trump is trying to do the right thing and go through the courts first, expose all the fraud, but we all knew that none of the courts, even the Supreme Court wanted to touch this issue with a 10-ft pole!

This is why our forefathers were so brilliant because they knew something like this could happen someday. So, don't listen to the media and all their deception and lies. All you have to do is read the Constitution and you know that the law, policies and procedures in the end are on our side.”


Truth and Justice

King David was no stranger to deceptive, cunning schemes against him. In Psalm 64, he wrote,

They encourage each other to do evil and plan how to set their traps in secret.

“Who will ever notice?” they ask. As they plot their crimes, they say,

“We have devised the perfect plan!” Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.

But God himself will shoot them with his arrows . . . . Their own tongues will ruin them . . . . The godly will rejoice in the Lord and find shelter in him. And those who do what is right will praise him. - Psalm 64:5-10, NLT

This not about Donald Trump nor the Republican Party. It’s about truth and justice, and the integrity of the American process.

It’s about preserving America as a place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is welcomed, where a biblical worldview is not attacked, where capitalism can thrive, where our children and grandchildren can live freely.

I don’t have a national platform. I don’t have millions of social media followers. But I do have an area of influence – as do you.

Describing King David’s mighty men, the Bible mentions one hero: And next to him was Shammah, the son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines gathered together at Lehi, where there was a plot of ground full of lentils, and the men fled from the Philistines. But he took his stand in the midst of the plot and defended it and struck down the Philistines, and the Lord worked a great victory” (2 Samuel 23:11-12 ESV).

The New Living Translation says, he “held his ground in the middle of the field and beat back the Philistines. So the Lord brought about a great victory.”

Shammah was a man like many of us. Not a king, Not famous. Not extremely wealthy. He didn’t have a castle. So what did he do that was so great? He defended a field.

Providentially, he found himself in one field being overtaken by the enemy. And he stood his ground and defended that field. And as he did, the Lord brought about a victory.

I will not sit back and surrender. I will not roll over and be quiet. I will fight for my country. I will defend my field.


For Faith, Family, and Freedom,


Dr. Rhett Wilson, Sr.



And Here’s One More Worth Noting!

Ronald Owens, Jr., posted the following about Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe and an Executive Order that could play out:

This is Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe, and he has three more days to deliver a very important report to President Donald Trump.

DNI Ratcliffe’s report, which is due to President Trump and five cabinet members by Friday, December 18, 2020, will assess whether there was foreign involvement in the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election.

Ratcliffe’s marching orders come from an “Executive Order [EO] on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election,” which President Trump issued (see source 1) on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

Citing specific sections of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the National Emergencies Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 and section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, President Trump ordered that anyone inside or outside the U.S. who interferes with or undermines public confidence in United States elections shall be deemed as a national security threat and a foreign policy threat.

So any unauthorized person who accessed the election, interfered in the campaign infrastructure of the election, distributed propaganda about the election and is involved with disinformation regarding the election constitutes electoral interference.

For example, this propaganda and disinformation includes mainstream media (MSM) outlets declaring Joe Biden/Kamala Harris the winners. MSM outlets not covering reports of rampant election fraud. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, restricting free speech, censoring posts, plus de-monetizing and de-platforming those who are covering and reporting about election fraud news.

Who is Ratcliffe and what is his experience? Sworn in his position on May 26, 2020, he is the sixth U.S. Senate-confirmed DNI chief in our nation’s history (see source 2). While representing constituents from Texas’ Fourth District the former congress member served on the House Intelligence, Judiciary and Ethics committees. The Southern Methodist University law school graduate and Norte Dame alum also served on the Committee on Homeland Security. In addition, he was chairman of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Subcommittee.

So no later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election (which is this Friday, December 18, 2020), Ratcliffe —who is specifically qualified to be our DNI— shall assess whether a foreign government or person has acted as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government to interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election.

According to this 825-day-old EO that assessment shall identify the nature of foreign interference, any methods employed to execute that foreign interference, the persons involved as well as the foreign government or governments.

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, who defended Gen. Michael Flynn, cited several times the last several weeks that at least four countries interfered in our election last month. Powell, who is representing “We the People” in several election fraud lawsuits across the nation, identified (listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER ) the Dominion of CANADA, the People’s Republic of CHINA, the Islamic Republic of IRAN and the Bolivian Republic of VENEZUELA.

Millions of inquiring minds are curious to know if there are other countries whose election interference is tantamount on an attack on the United States.

So the question that Ratcliffe’s assessment (report) will answer is who “authorized, directed, sponsored, or supported” people or peoples to rob the American people of their/our vote?

Ratcliffe will deliver his report —or perhaps he already has delivered his report— to President Trump, the Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo), the Secretary of the Treasury (Steven Mnuchin), the Secretary of Defense (Christopher Miller), the Attorney General (William Barr if Ratcliffe has delivered his report or Jeff Rosen if he hasn’t), and the Secretary of Homeland Security (Chad Wolf).

President Trump had incredible foresight, because 783 before the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election our Commander in Chief issued this EO. It’s been posted on the White House’s website since then for all to see and read.

To my limited knowledge no prominent MSM anchor, no well known MSM correspondent, no MSM recognizable pundit, no White House reporter knows about this EO nor has reported about it.

But now you all know.

I would encourage you all to know/learn more by reading source one, so you’ll be that much more informed what will take place in the days/weeks ahead.

And by knowing/learning more about this EO you’ll be that much more assured in realizing that former Vice President Joe Biden will never be President of the United States, and California Sen. Kamala Harris —who to date has not resigned her Senate seat— will never be Vice President!



 Pictures used by permission from Pixabay.


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  1. Thanks Rhett for putting all this together. You are a true patriot. Our main weapon is prayer, mainly for Ratcliffe's report to give president Trump the information needed to start prosecuting and convicting our enemies.