Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Letter going out in the mail to KOHLS


Dear Kohls,

Regrettably, I am discontinuing use of my Kohls credit card and stopping my money going to your store. I have shopped at Kohls for more than 15 years, spending thousands of dollars through the years.

However, I was deeply disappointed by your company recently choosing to stop selling Mike Lindell’s My Pillow products – all because you disagree with his political stance. America is rooted in freedom – the freedom to believe according to your convictions, speak freely and share your ideas – even if they disagree with your neighbor’s.

You all have now joined the “cancel culture” movement, and I will not support it.

If you choose to reverse your decision and stop censoring certain people, I will consider coming back to Kohls. I will encourage others to boycott your store until you change your policy.

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