Tuesday, July 5, 2022

America's 'Explicit Covenant with God'


"They saw the Constitution as being a very religiously-based document," said Barton. "It was also a very covenantal-based document. We made a covenant. The Constitution is a covenant of these states."

He went on, "The average length of a constitution in the history of the world was 17 years. So how have we gone 230 when everybody else was going 17?   And so political science professors looked to see where the Founders got their ideas."

Barton pointed out they studied 3,154 direct quotes from these Founders' political writings and discovered how much God's Word figured in them.

He summed up, "The number one source was the Bible: 34 percent of all those quotes in those political documents, etc., came out of the Bible."

Read the entire article by Paul Strand at CBN here.

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