Monday, November 12, 2018

The Two Different Temptations Facing Young Evangelicals

"Each generation of young Christians has to face the reality that biblical teaching conflicts decisively with contemporary secular morality. That conflict is often especially acute in the area of sexual morality. Moreover, the price of social acceptance is often theological compromise. Yes, people in good faith reach contrary positions on the authority and meaning of individual scriptures, but one would have to be willfully blind to deny the persistent pressure toward 'inclusivity' and the irrebuttable presumption of moral superiority inherent to secular progressive ethics.

Young Evangelicals who dissent from orthodox Christianity do not become old Evangelicals. They either migrate to secularism entirely or to progressive Christianity. Young Evangelicals who are politically conflicted rarely remain conflicted into middle age. They tend to find their political tribe. While Evangelicals rightly lament the compromise of faith, they often ignore (or don’t fully comprehend) the compromises inherent in their tribal migrations.

So, young Christians, hold your faith tightly and your politics loosely. You will not find a home here. As Peter says, you are a 'foreigner and exile.' It’s best to get used to it early on. Trust me, it can be a gut-wrenching discovery to make when you’re old."

Picture used by permission from Pexels

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