Monday, November 5, 2018

Move Forward, Not Backward

My friend Rep. Jeff Duncan, serving the 3rd congressional district of South Carolina in the United States House of Representatives, shares why a vote for the Republican Red Wave is a vote for America . . .

"When I first came to Congress in 2011, taxes were high, regulations were costly, and the economy was sluggish. President Obama tried to convince the American people that the slow pace of economic growth was the 'new normal.' His administration was more focused on social engineering rather than making Americans more prosperous. I fought the policies of the Obama administration, and I’m thankful that after eight years, Americans saw fit to move the country in a new direction.

This era was ushered in through President Donald J. Trump – businessman, leader and outsider.

Ever since the 2016 election, our nation has started to see positive change. Due to the largest tax cut in American history, billions of dollars have been brought back to the U.S. from businesses overseas, investing in our workers and our economy. The economy has been on fire, yielding the longest positive job-growth streak ever recorded. Overall unemployment claims reached a 50-year low, while African-American and Latino unemployment rates are at the lowest level in recorded history. A total of 4 million new jobs were created since the election, and the average household income for the Third District of South Carolina increased by 4.4 percent from 2016-2017, the second-highest increase in the state.

What do all these numbers mean for South Carolina families? They mean that we have more money to spend on the necessities of life, to save for our children's future, and to put toward retirement and other savings. They mean that nearly everyone has a brother, sister, friend, or neighbor who has gotten a better job, or is simply better off than they were just a few years ago.

However, successes are seen well beyond the economy. For the first time in nearly a decade, we have a president and Republican allies in Congress, like myself, who have made the people's priorities their own.

This means cracking down on illegal immigration by enforcing laws on the books and eliminating loopholes that encourage people to come here illegally. It means pushing to build a wall on the southern border to stop the flow of drugs, illegal immigrants, smugglers, and terrorists from coming to our country. We have moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, re-examined trade deals to protect American workers, slashed bureaucratic red-tape and costly regulations, backed out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, repealed the Obamacare individual health insurance mandate, fought ISIS like never before, and passed the first-ever opioid package to help eradicate this crisis in our communities. The list goes on!

We have made tremendous progress over the past two years, but we now find ourselves at a crossroads. Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are fighting to win control of Congress, and if they are successful, they have their sights on undoing these hard-earned gains.

The first priority of the Democrats is to grind the legislative process to a halt and create massive roadblocks for the Trump agenda. Nancy Pelosi has said herself that one of her first acts as speaker would be to raise taxes. Sen. Cory Booker has said that impeaching and removing Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court should be on the table, and we know that the number of Democrats wanting to impeach the president grows by the day. They are advocating for government-run, government- controlled health care, estimated to cost $32.6 trillion in the first 10 years alone. This new wave of radical liberalism stands for open borders, abortion on demand, and restricting our Second Amendment rights. I know for certain that these are not the priorities or values of the Third District.

We need to focus on improving the lives of the American people, not re-litigating the results of the 2016 presidential election. We need to use these positive economic times to ween people off of government welfare, not to adopt failed socialist policies. We need to be moving forward, not backward, which is why we cannot allow the progress we have made to be derailed by an agenda based on government control, fear, and hate."

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