Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wayne Grudem Again Throws Support to Trump, Prefers His Policies to Clinton's

In my opinion, Wayne Grudem overreacted a few days ago by temporarily removing his support from Donald Trump.  Today, Grudem again throws his support to Trump. . . .

"Evangelical theologian Wayne Grudem has again thrown his support to Republican nominee Donald Trump, stating that he supports the candidate's policies rather than the man himself.

Grudem recently garnered headlines twice. First, for claiming that Trump was a 'morally good choice' (here and here), and second, for his decision to withdraw his support over the nominee's behavior and comments towards women.

In a column published Wednesday on the conservative site, Grudem took a third stab at explaining his presidential vote choice, writing that he believed the election came down to only two viable options, voting for Trump or allowing Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to win."

Read the entire article here at CP Politics. 

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