Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Should Christians Vote for Trump?

Because of Donald Trump's sometimes odious behavior, many Christians struggle with voting for him.  I agree wholeheartedly with Eric Metaxas' essay on how to wrestle with this ethical concern . . .

"This question should hardly require an essay, but let’s face it: We’re living in strange times. America is in trouble.

Over this past year many of Donald Trump’s comments have made me almost literally hopping mad. The hot-mic comments from 2005 are especially horrifying. Can there be any question we should denounce them with flailing arms and screeching volume? I must not hang out in the right locker rooms, because if anyone I know said such things I might assault him physically (and repent later). So yes, many see these comments as a deal breaker. 

But we have a very knotty and larger problem. What if the other candidate also has deal breakers? Even a whole deplorable basketful? Suddenly things become horribly awkward. Would God want me simply not to vote? Is that a serious option?"

Read the entire article by Eric Metaxas here.

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