Monday, July 18, 2016

Keep Praying and Trusting

What if the Israelites had stopped circling Jericho on day six? For that matter, what if Elijah had quit praying for rain after his sixth request? Or what if Naaman had only dipped in the river six times?  The answer is obvious: the miracle would have been forfeited right before it happened. I don’t know what you’ve been circling for the past forty days or forty weeks or forty years. I don’t know if you’ve gotten a yes, a no, or a not yet. You’ve got to praise God if the answer is yes and trust Him if the answer is no. If the answer is not yet, you’ve got to keep circling. It’s always too soon to give up! What other option do you have? To pray or not to pray. Those are the only options. - Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle

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