Monday, February 15, 2016

Meeting God in the Kitchen

Notes from my sermon at The Spring Church on 02/14/2016.  This is the fourth message in the series Elijah: A Man Like Us.

Read 1 Kings 17:7-16

Life-Lesson:   God teaches us to move by faith, trusting Him when sight fails.

Advanced Training at Zarephath

God’s leading may surprise you.

1.  Sometimes God only reveals the next step

God leads his servants step by step. 

3 tests:            fear, first impressions, and impossibility

Why does God want us to live by faith?

a)         Living by faith proves to us that God is real.

b)         Our faith is increased and we see God as our true Source.

c)         We learn how to listen to God and obey Him.

The key to living by faith is not in a method.  The key is to hear,  obey and trust God.  – Loren Cunningham

2.  God works head of us with full awareness of our needs.


God is great enough for any circumstance or test.

3.  God reduces us to teach us to trust.

If we never have needs, how can we learn to trust Him?  If we can do everything without His help, how can we learn to depend on Him?

          Depend on the LORD; trust Him, and He will take care of you.   Psalm 37:5 (NCV)

At no point in our lives can we ever arrive at a position where He will allow us to cease to be dependent on Him.  - Tom Westwood, Meditations on Elijah and Elisha

4.       God often requires an act of faith prior to His provision.

Elijah has to get the woman to move in faith even though she is down to her last bread.  He provoked faith in her, and God covered them both.  Nothing happens for this woman until she moves in faith.

Luke 6:38 – you be a grace dispenser; you must be the miracle you want to receive for yourself; if it is only about you being blessed, you will miss it

Do I settle for the last meal, or do I believe the Word of God?

Many Christians never prove God’s faithfulness in this category; they remain financially self-sufficient, never stepping out on a limb, never doing anything out of the ordinary.  Instead, it seems they ask their bank accounts, “will you allow me to do this for God?” – Loren Cunningham

I come across a number of people that God is calling, into ministry or into a mission assignment, and it is huge.  Or God begins to reveal Himself to a church, and they immediately look in the bank to see if they have enough in the bank account.  And then some say, “Well, there’s no way we can do this.”  And my answer would be, “Well, God doesn’t intend for you to do that.  He intends for you to let Him do it.  Do you believe Him enough to let Him do it, and would you step out in faith and let God do it?”  And some say, “Well, we don’t have the money at hand.”  And I say, “If that’s the way you’re going to function, you’re never going to experience God.”

Whenever God encounters us, it has God-sized dimensions, and it is usually one step beyond where we have last been with God.

If all He ever did was let you work by your ability, you’d never know His.  So if God’s going to make Himself real to you and others, He’s got to ask you to do some things that your abilities have no capacity to fulfill.  You will come to know Him as He makes Himself known to you.
-        Henry Blackaby

Life Lesson from the Kitchen

      1.    God’s leading is often surprising, don’t

over-analyze it.

      2.    When provisions are scarce, look up.

      3.    God’s promises often hinge on our obedience,

so don’t ignore your part.

      4.    When circumstances stretch you, don’t doubt

God – He is not stretched.

      5.    When God challenges you to give what you

have today, trust Him.

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