Friday, January 22, 2016

Words on Waiting

God prepares servants most often through extended periods of waiting, designed to hone skills and break wills, to shape character and give depth.  While He works, we wait.  God prepares us during times when the whole world seems to be going on without us.  He patiently, deliberately, steadily, molds us in the shadows, so that we might be properly prepared for later years when He chooses to use us in the spotlight.     – Swindoll

The delay that instructs and prepares saves time, never loses it.  From it one can walk with a step of assurance and a heart of flame.  – V. Raymond Edman

Waiting is a common instrument of providential discipline for those to whom exceptional work has been appointed. – James Stalker
One of God’s favorite methods of preparing us for something great is to send us into the shadows to wait.  Waiting is one of God’s preferred methods of preparing special people for significant projects.  The Bible makes that principle plain from cover to cover. – Swindoll

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