Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slay Your Dragons

Michael Hyatt gives excellent advice on how to slay the dragon daily that everyone faces in the morning.  He shares three daily disciplines to help us emerge victoriously.  Keep reading . . .

"I awoke this morning to the dragon’s hot breath on my face. I was disoriented, not quite knowing where I was. I struggled to open one eye. Then another.

And there he was. A dragon. A very big dragon. With three heads. Sitting in my bedroom, like so many mornings before, he was waiting. His heads swerved back and forth, dancing in the dim light. Each head alternately belching fire and hissing smoke.I groaned. Here we go again, I thought. If only I could shut my eyes and will him away. No such luck. His presence only grew more menacing.

I knew that I had to act. I leapt from the bed and ran straight at him. I have learned by experience that my only chance at victory is to slay the dragon while it is still dark. Before the first rays of sunshine strengthen his already substantial advantage."

Read the entire helpful article "Slaying Your Dragons Before Breakfast" by Michael Hyatt here.

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