Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is There a Normal Amount of Sex for Married Couples?

The following is a helpful article from Charisma magazine.  Good word - embrace the attitude of putting the other partner first . . .

"A while back, I was having dinner with a group of friends. Most were married, but there were a handful of singles. Somehow the discussion turned to the frequency of married sex.

The conversation was driven by the singles—ones that longed to eventually be married—who were curious. How many times a week? How many times a month? They had heard of married couples not having sex and couldn't imagine it. In fact, they couldn't imagine anything less than once a day.

Every married person laughed. The questions continued. I knew what they were after. Since each married person at the table had a strong marriage, they felt like we were a good measurement for what was 'normal' and perhaps 'healthy.' "

Read the entire article by B. J. Foster here.

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