Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Word from Kay Arthur on Election-Eve Night

I got up this morning feeling anxious. Like you, I have prayed and prayed for America and for our return to God, our future as a nation. I have been all over the Bible from Genesis 18:22 -33 pleading as Abraham plead for Sodom and Gomorrah - to Luke 18 (which I’m writing a course on) and the persistent widow. THEN THIS MORNING it all turned to peace and praise. I've petitioned and petitioned as He tells us, reminding Him of His character, power and promises, and all the petitions we've made for years before His throne.

It’s enough! I don’t know what is going to happen but I know my God and I rest in His Sovereignty!

The tightness, the angst is gone. Peace and joy fill my heart. I’ve been in Isaiah for several days…try it – go from Isaiah 40-45 and highlight all God tells you about Himself. Look at the end of Isaiah 44 and move into 45 – where God tells about a king, Cyrus, that doesn’t even know God, a king God will put on the throne of Media/Persia who will in about 150 years become His instrument to restore Israel to the land!

Join me, precious faces, in worshiping, bowing before the Sovereign God who promises you Romans 8:28-33…

I love you…. Kay

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