Friday, January 6, 2012

Every Day

I came across a new study of an old truth. Did you know how important it is for you to spend time reading God's Word daily? Turning everything else off and spending time with Him?

Brad Waggoner, a researcher for Lifeway Christian Resources, recently wrote a book entitled The Shape of Faith to Come. He explains in detail that when church members read the Bible every day they are more likely to demonstrate spiritual growth in a number of areas:

•To be active in a small group or Sunday School class for Bible study and fellowship.
•To spend greater time in prayer.
•To attend worship services regularly.
•To share their faith more often.
•To be involved in local ministries and missions.
•To give more generously to the church.

Jack Hayford, a pastor whom I have respected much through the years, challenges pastors to focus on growing big people rather than growing a big church. He says that, essentially, if you willl grow big people (strong disciples of Jesus who are abiding in the Word and filled with the Spirit), then God will help you to grow out numerically. It will be a natural by-product of growing big people.

The Spring will only be the people God wants if we are reading God's Word daily.

Thom Rainer shares, "Too many times we think of local church discipleship as a program where church members meet at a specific time. Ultimately, though, discipleship is really about becoming more like Christ. And we become more like Him as we read and study His Word. The Bible is inspired by the Spirit, so it is transformative for the believer."

How much time are you spending in a week in God's Word? What is shaping you and your decisions more - the culture around you, your own feelings, the opinions of those around you - or the Word of God?

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