Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I Support Newt Gingrich

The Presidential election of 2012 will be one of the most important ones in the history of our country. Newt Gingrich has repeatedly shared in talks that it will be the most critical election in terms of impact on our country since the election of 1860.

The United States of America is at an incredible crossroads. Many would like (and have tried diligently) to remake American into something she has not been historically. If you want more information about that, or if you doubt it, read Jim Demint's books Saving Freedom or The Great American Awakening or Newt Gingrich's book A Nation Like No Other.

Barack Obama and his far-left radical agenda must be stopped. I remember my wife and I sitting watching his speech in Chicago the night he was elected. I felt as if a dark cloud had just moved across the USA. As I watched Oprah and Jesse Jackson cry, I wanted to cry - but for very different reasons. At the time, however, I really did not know how little Obama appreciated American values, what a bad leader he was, nor the poor choices he would make for this country.

The fall of 2010 I began seriously hoping for one particular person to enter the race for the Republican nominee: Newt Gingrich. I was gladdened when earlier this year he did so and was very pleased with his positive campaign of solutions. Though I considered the other candidates, without question Gingrich stayed at the top of my list as the year (and debates) went on. Not that Gingrich is my ideal candidate - I don't think that person exists! But I believe Gingrich is the most electable candidate of the choices. And I believe he is the best person to lead our country.

Several people have asked me, "Why do you support Newt?" So here is my brief response.

1) Newt has a proven track record as a consistent conservative. He is without credible question a "Ronald Reagan conservative." He may have the best grasp on the conservative movement of any living American. I just heard his daughter Jackie speak in person this week. She shared of his first two (failed) attempts at being elected in Georgia in the 1970's and of his perseverance to keep going when most people thought he could not.

2) Newt understands American history. He understands what makes America, America. He understands what makes America work. And as he says, he understands the world that works versus the world that doesn't.

3) Newt, I believe, understands redemption from a Christian point of view. By his own testimony, he has shared again and again of his own moral failures. However, he has not stopped there. He has shared regularly of his own coming back to God in repentance, asking for forgiveness, learning about redemption, making amends with family members, and experiencing the grace and redemption of God. This week I asked his daughter Jackie about her perspective on this matter. She shared how the past ten years he has deepened in his relationship with God, has taken it more seriously than ever, and how she has seen him soften and exude godly qualities like patience and gentleness. (She also shared of his great love for his grandchildren!)

4) Newt is a thinker. He, in my opinion, has been the best debater among the Republican candidates. Drawing from a lifetime of experience, he knows how to engage with ideas, to come with facts, and to be a bear when necessary without being ugly. He can clearly communicate in a way that people can understand. Without question, he is the most qualified one to debate President Obama and talk circles around him.

5) Newt has already told us what he is going to do. His 21st Century Contract with America, a bold, fresh plan that exudes leadership, needs to be put into action! He even has a Day One Plan, including numerous executive orders he will sign his first day as President. That folks, is leadership, not just politics!

6) Newt has run a positive, solutions-oriented campaign. He has shown himself a statesman among the Republican candidates, refusing to run a negative campaign against his fellow Republicans. He consistently refused to attack others on the stage even when baited by the moderators. When other candidates were firing shots at each other, Newt was returning to the issues, speaking facts, and offering solutions.

7) Newt is a prolific writer and producer. He has given out his ideas for years in books and documentaries, which can be seen at Gingrich Productions. Our family has enjoyed his documentaries Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny and Rediscovering God in America.

8) Newt offers positive solutions for key issues facing America. He understands the problem with the judiciary in our country and the need to balance the power again in keeping with a Constitutional Republic.

9) Newt, without question, has the most legislative experience of any of the Republican candidates. The current presidency of Barack Obama suffers from a man who was elected with no practical experience. Let's not do that again.

10) Newt understands the historic relationship that America has with religion and in particular her Judeo-Christian heritage. He unashamedly explains that there has been a liberal agenda for years to "remove God" and that heritage from our country. He understands the foolishness of that and that to do is grossly un-American. He explains in detail in the first chapters of his book A Nation Like No Other that the rights of our citizens are grounded in one dominant fact: they were created in God's image by God himself.

Because of these reasons, I believe that Newt Gingrich is the most electable conservative candidate to help lead the United States of America toward a brighter future. He may indeed be an Esther who has been prepared by Providence his entire life for such a time as this.

Finally, some Christians seem to wrongly believe that pastors and Christian leaders in general have no business trying to influence politics or social agendas. Blasphemy! Those folks should be introduced to the historic Black Robe Regiment. In the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, we find two imperatives for God's people: multiplication and dominion. Multiplication involves what we call The Great Commission - the tasks of evangelism and disciple-making. Dominion, however, involves what we call The Cultural Mandate - redeeming and influencing the culture with the grace and truth of the Word of God. We need to engage the culture with the salt and light of Christ!

Newt's sign is in my yard and the sticker on my car! Go Newt!

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  1. Thanks for posting Rhett. I have to admit, I've been struggling between Newt and Santorum. I will continue to read up on both, pray dilligently for the Spirit's leading, and will cast my vote accordingly tomorrow. I appreciate your words my old friend!