Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wide Cracks for April 1

At the same time a wide crack appeared in the altar, and the ashes poured out, just as the man of God had predicted in his message from the Lord. 1 Kings 13:5 NLT

One of my best friends from high school used to tell us a funny childhood story. When she was a little girl, she thought her body was incorrectly fashioned. She was afraid she was the only person in the world that had a crack in her bottom! How relieved she was one day to discover that her father, too, shared the same physical quality. She was not alone!

Wide cracks can appear anywhere. In our last house, one slowly grew as the foundation continued settling. Skin can crack when it gets too dry, sidewalks crack when weeds push their way through, and if you crack a peanut, you get a tasty treat. But whatever you do, don’t smoke crack!

In today’s text, God punished the king with a wide crack appearing in the altar. And it was like, snap, crackle, and pop! The Lord had enough. If Jeroboam, who misused the altar, was not going to do things the right way, God would back up His message by splitting the altar and having its ashes pour on the ground.  And the Lord’s prophet spoke a strong word, and it was crack-a-lacking good! So, like my friend, we don’t have to be afraid of cracks, unless of course, the altar splits. You can split your pants, just don’t live in a way so God splits the altar.

Father, I’d like to go to Cracker Barrel soon.

Picture used by permission from Pixabay.

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