Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Franklin Graham Speaks Truth to Power, David French Doesn’t

Bryan Fischer offers a solid response to David French's rebuke to Franklin Graham and like-minded evangelicals. 

"Most of my readers will probably not know who David French is. But he is a very smart guy and a great writer for National Review. I read virtually everything he writes. But sadly, French is as lost as Amelia Earhart when it comes to Donald Trump.

French was one of the original Never-Trumpers, and despite the fact that his club is getting so small they could meet in a corner booth at Denny’s, he keeps flailing away at Trump, seeking to shred whatever he thinks is left of the president’s reputation. And according to French, Franklin Graham 'illustrates the collapsing Evangelical public witness.'

French is taking a Louisville Slugger to Franklin Graham for having the audacity to challenge presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg to repent of his sexual sin, the sin of sodomy, and get right with God (see here and here). French accuses Graham of hypocrisy because he isn’t calling out Donald Trump on a daily basis for his sexual indiscretions of more than a decade ago."

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