Friday, May 4, 2018

Should Children Be Sitting Through Worship in "Big Church?"

Deep Roots at Home blog shares an excellent word about what she believes is one of the failures of the American church model. Instead of training children to worship with adults, we often segregate them away from the rest of the congregation. Check out her good words . . .

"I believe that years of segregating children from worship in the greater worshiping community has failed. I think it’s time we were more passionate about having children in church.

  • Children need to feel like they are a part of the church community
  • Children who don’t feel like a part of the church community will leave church when they’re older
  • Children should not be removed from the main body for convenience sake
  • Children are a part of the Body of Christ
  • Children need godly examples of how to worship


Child or adult, young or older, the sermon is only one small part of the greater experience. Singing the songs. Praying corporately as a whole church. Hearing the words of God read and watching other’s interest in them. Serving. Giving of our tithes and offerings. Celebrating. Fellowshiping. Communing with God and with each other. Not understanding the sermon in no way negates the rest of the experience."

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