Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Swing the Bat

“Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your strength. ”  Ecclesiastes 7:10

When our children played t-ball and coach’s pitch baseball, we told them, “It’s ok if you don’t hit the ball.  But you’ve got to swing the bat.”  No one wants to watch a child who steps up to the plate but refuses to swing.  You gotta’ swing if you’re gonna score!

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At times in life, however, I find myself wanting to not swing.  It’s easier to just stand and watch the balls flying.  It’s safer to not swing.  After all, what if I swing and miss?  What if I look like a fool?  What if someone laughs at me?  What if my wife sees I am not Mr. Cool?  Yes, not swinging seems much more reasonable.

Sometimes I feel inadequate to parent my growing, and sometimes hard-headed, teenagers.  My dad wasn’t a stellar leader, so what do I know about leading my family?  It’s easier to just passively move through family life than engage their problems, needs, and questions.  

At times I don’t feel like I know how to navigate the emotional needs of my wife.  After being married for almost two decades, it seems like the needs get more complex, not easier.

Solomon, reflecting on life, exhorts us to work hard and engage with strength whatever task we find.  I need to engage, lead, and communicate.  I need to not avoid every conflict.  The opportunities to influence my family won’t be here in ten years.  Today is the day.  I may not hit every ball, but I’ve got to step up and swing.

Try to be the one to make a difference.  Try to put your fear and doubt aside.
Try to make the most of every moment.  And if you fall, get up and try again.  – Dolly Parton

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