Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump's Chance to Change the Narrative

Great commentary by Cal Thomas . . . 

NEW YORK -- "Donald Trump's impressive victory in Tuesday's election offers him a rare opportunity to change the narrative.

Secular progressive policies at home and abroad are not working. The establishment has had its chance -- multiple chances, in fact -- to fix things, but it has failed, or didn't try, under Republican and Democratic administrations. Voters are taking a big chance with Mr. Trump, but things have gotten so bad that the election shows many millions of Americans are willing to try something new.

Mr. Trump achieved what most of the experts, the ruling class, the major media (including most pundits and once again the pollsters), Republican leaders and many others thought was impossible. He not only won back the Reagan Democrats, including nearly half of the union members who cast ballots, but he also had coattails, allowing Republicans to maintain control of both houses of Congress."

Read the entire Op-Ed here at The Baltimore Sun.  

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