Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pastors and Politics

One of the most misunderstood phrases in American history is the oft-quoted one from Thomas Jefferson regarding the separation of church and state.  In modern American society, that phrase has been twisted to mean the opposite of Jefferson's original intent.  

One of the results of that misinformation is the hesitancy for Christians to get engaged in the public square.  The AFA Journal addresses the role of pastors and politics during an election year . . .

"AFA Journal: How can pastors and church leaders address civic, moral, and political issues and still stay within the legal guidelines that qualify a church as a tax-exempt organization?
Abraham Hamilton: At this point in America’s history, pastors face challenges both socially and legally. Socially, because biblical authenticity is not as in vogue as it once was, and the cost of bold preaching could be a reduction in the size of their congregations.

Legally, because there are groups whose implicit or explicit purpose is to silence Christians. They imply a threat to a church’s tax-exempt status by claiming that engagement in the civic arena breaches the wall that they claim separates church and state."

Read this good interview between AFA Journal and Abraham Hamilton III here.

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