Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dutch Sheets Warns America: 5 Words About the SCOTUS Ruling

For those of us who hold a Biblical worldview, the mix of sadness, grief and anger over the redefining of marriage by the Supreme Court has been profound and is certainly appropriate. These emotions are much different than the trivial feelings caused by the sting of "losing." They are more akin to the deep grief associated with death. We mourn because we know what has actually happened—and what is coming. Through this ruling, America took one step closer toward the death of our God-given destiny and greatness. As respected Pastor and Revivalist John Kilpatrick points out in a recent video, we are now an apostate nation. [1]

Although Dutch Sheets Ministries has never endorsed a candidate or political party, I did issue a warning regarding the Supreme Court during the election of 2008. While I had concerns about both major party candidates, now-President Obama's stand on abortion and other moral and legal issues led me to believe his Supreme Court appointments could cause great damage. I warned, in fact, that the true spoils of the election, regardless of who won, would be the shaping of the Supreme Court for many years to come. Sadly, this has proven to be true. Though President Obama has done much personally to take the nation in directions I disagree with and mourn over, I believe what has just happened through the Court will prove to be the most destructive part of his legacy. We have just experienced this generation's "Roe v. Wade."

In an article published by The Daily Signal, Canadian Dawn Stefanowicz gives us a shocking but eye-opening report of the true fallout, based on what occurred when Canada went down this path. Lance Wallnau of The Lance Learning Experience also points out clearly what is coming. [

Read the entire article by Dutch Sheets here.

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