Friday, June 19, 2015

Responding Biblically to Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

There are so many current articles on this subject that I could post.  The following one from Dennis Rainey and Family Life Today is an excellent resource on this timely subject.

"In recent years we’ve seen an astonishing shift in how our culture views homosexuality and same-sex marriage. In this confusing climate it’s important for followers of Christ to know what to think and how to respond.  What do the Scriptures say?  How should we respond when others challenge our convictions?  What should we teach our children?

Here at FamilyLife, we continue to affirm God’s design for marriage.  We stand for the truth of Scripture and teach the biblical blueprints for marriage and family.  Yet we also are committed to being winsome and compassionate to everyone--including those who disagree with us. We believe in respecting the dignity of every person created in God’s image.  All of us need God’s grace and forgiveness.

Now more than ever, Christians should know how to affirm the truth of Scripture while also 'speaking the truth in love' (Ephesians 4:15).  To help you learn more about responding biblically on this issue, we have gathered a number of our most helpful articles, books, and FamilyLife Today® broadcasts onto this page."

View the entire resource page here.

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