Friday, May 30, 2014

9 Things You’ll Regret When You Look Back on Your Writing Journey if You’re Not Paying Attention Now

The following is a great article by Edie Melson . . .

Life is full of regrets and the writer's life is no different. But since I'm a few years further down the path than a lot of you, I thought I'd share some things I wish I'd done differently. These are some regrets you don't have to have if you pay attention now.

1. Following the trends instead of writing what’s on your heart. It’s tempting to think, this or that is hot right now and an easy sell. The truth is, nothing is an easy sell. It all takes work. And more than that, it takes time. Chasing a trend will doom you to always being behind.

2. Not investing more time in your dream. All around you are opportunities to grow as a writer. Whether it’s local writing groups, online classes or chats, or conferences. Making your dream a priority is important.

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