Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fasting and Prayer - Examples

Examples of people fasting:

·      James and Shirley Dobson fasting once a week for their children as they grew up.

·      James Dobson’s great grandfather fasting and praying for his descendants.

·      A mega-church pastor fasting a couple of days a month to attempt to stay close to God and so as to avoid unnecessary discipline from God.

·      Elders or deacons fasting once a month together the day of their meeting.

·      Martha Franks fasting lunch on days when she speaks to groups.

·      First Baptist Atlanta fasting for a week together before making major decisions such as building and land acquisition.

·      Churches setting aside Saturdays for prayer and fasting for direction.

·      Liberty University and Thomas Road Church fasting a day for a member’s physical healing.

·      Jerry Falwell fasting for 40-days for financial provision for Liberty University.

·      Bill Bright calling Christians to fast and pray for revival and spiritual awakening in America.

·      Churches fasting and praying for spiritual fruit from specific ministries outreaches.

·      Churches and ministries fasting for the spiritual-moral and political condition of the nation.

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