Thursday, September 26, 2013

Evaluating Spiritual Success

Robert Clinton, professor of leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of the well-known book The Making of a Leader, wrote an excellent article about on avoiding discouragement from Haggai's words for Worship Leader magazine years ago.

In it he shares . . .

"Haggai's narrative brings two perspectives that should encourage us greatly wherever we find ourselves.  The first is that no matter what level of influence your spiritual service garners, there is no such thing as a small work of God.  If God is in it, it is important.  And we should be convinced of that simply because He has promised as such: For I am with you . . . .  And my Spirit remains among you.  Do not fear (2:4-5).

The second principle from Haggai is that God is not limited by size.  He can accomplish much more through our small work than we can imagine if we will just commit ourselves to faithfully obey God as we minister.  Haggai's followers must have been astounded when told their work would be "better" than Solomon's. 

Do you believe that God has called you and that He is involved in your ministry?  If so, then be encouraged, dear friend, that God will accomplish whatever He wishes.  Don't let the size of the work be your criterion for discouragement,  neither let it be the standard for your encouragement."

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