Monday, June 17, 2013

The Secret of the Homeschooling Father

This is a message to fathers who are homeschooling. The question I want to answer is: Does Christianity provide much guidance to fathers about homeschooling?

I am going to say yes, but first I want to back up a bit.

You and your wife are in it together, so let us be honest. In practice, much of the heavy lifting, the hard work, the long hours of homeschooling, falls squarely on your wife’s shoulders. If your home is like ours, then it is your wife who is the star. Too many husbands—including me—behave more like bystanders than partners. In addition, there is the tendency for mothers to be undervalued and taken for granted. Be honest, most of us know we do not appreciate our wives as we should—and they know it too—but they keep laboring. Then include the fact that most mothers also run the household, preparing the meals, doing the laundry, changing the diapers, providing oodles of emotional support, taking care of all that cleaning up…all on such a regular basis that fathers forget just how much work is involved. Now, add in the reality that our modern culture encourages men to abdicate their manly respon­sibilities for boyish pleasures. Men are discouraged from growing up, and wives see this.

Read the entire article by Tucker Teague here.

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