Monday, March 5, 2012

The Right Motivation

We had another good morning of worship together at The Spring yesterday. And with a couple of families out of town, we almost had a full room. I am looking forward to going through these weeks in the book of Acts with you. I pray that, as were the early believers, that we will be a people marked by . . .

Belief in the gospel and the Scriptures
Belief in each other
Belief in prayer
Belief in God's leading

The Brooklyn Tab video testimony we watched yesterday was awesome! I plan on showing more of those testimonies in the coming weeks. Remember, the book of Acts is a story of changed lives.

I enjoyed singing at my mother's church, First Baptist Greer, last night. Dad and Mom joined Greer in the year 2000. That is only the second time I have worshiped there with her (them). In the life to which God has called me and my family, I seldom go to church with my parents or mix and mingle with people who knew me in my childhood and youth. I enjoyed talking with some folks last night who have known me for most of my life - with whom we were in church in the 1980's in Greenville. It was also nice to talk with some older men who had known my Dad; we enjoyed reminiscing. One man told me, "Your dad left a big whole when he left."

I hope that can be said of us one day. I hope that our lives make a difference and matter to the people around us.

Things are about to begin rolling in terms of the Bridgeway building! I have talked with a few church members today, and a new building is bringing excitement!

Next Sunday we plan on bringing you a plan of what renovation and decoration will look like in the next 6 weeks or so. Please reserve Saturday, March 17, as a work day at the Bridgeway building. We will give you more details later.

Last night in the car I listened to a Charles Swindoll message about how Nehemiah motivated people. Swindoll compared extrinsic motivation (motivating with rewards that come from outside an individual - giving people money, prizes, and other gifts in exchange for certain behavior) with intrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from inside a person - the reward of simply doing the right thing, having strong character, or helping other people with no outward reward). Swindoll highlighted the speeches of Sir Winston Churchill, the great Prime Minister of Great Britain. Interestingly, in his speeches to the country, Churchill never used extrinsic motivation but rather intrinsic. He, like Nehemiah, challenged the people to do the right thing because it was the right thing to do.

That reminds me of Paul's words to the Corinthians . . .

We live by faith, not by sight. . . . So we make it our goal to please Him. (5:7,9)

As The Spring, may we be people motivated to live by faith, doing the right things and making the right choices not primarily for external rewards - but because we have the intrinsic motivation to please the Lord.

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