Monday, October 3, 2011

God's New Thing

Sermon preached on October 2, 2011, at The Spring

God’s New Thing
Isaiah 43:14-26

Life Lesson: God promises to do a new thing in our lives as we trust Him.

I. The Preparation of God’s New Thing (43:14-17)

1. God reminds them of who He is (43:14-15).

a. Redeemer (14)
b. Creator (15)
c. King (15)

2. God reminds them of what He did (43:16-17).

II. The Promise of God’s New Thing (43:18–19)

1. God promises to transcend the things that are past (43:18–19).

God is the Healer of broken dreams and the Restorer of stolen years. – Adrian Rogers

Trust God to work something good out of that abusive situation or experience you endured. Turn immediately to Him, and trust Him to be your defender, healer, and restorer. Trust Him to cause something good to happen in your life as a result – that you will grow and not wither, become stronger and not weaker. That you will grow in your faith.

God’s plan is to take ordinary people with ordinary talents, do extraordinary things through them, and give the glory to Himself. – A. Rogers

2. God promises to transform the things that are present (43:14–17).

Through God’s marvelous working there can be spontaneity (I will do a new thing . . . it shall spring forth); creativity (I will make a way in the wilderness); and productivity (I will give waters in the wilderness).

The suffering that you now have is just the black velvet upon which the diamond of God’s glory is going to be revealed. – Charles Spurgeon

III. The Purpose of God’s New Thing (43:19–21)

When God redeems us it is for a purpose, and that purpose is the goal of our lives.

1. God’s purpose is to satisfy His own people (43:20).

David’s life in Psalm 37:3-7,25,37; Matthew 5:6

2. God’s purpose is to magnify His own Person (43:21).

From Genesis to Revelation this truth shines forth with increasing brilliance. – Stephen Olford

Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. – Westminster Catechism

IV. The Prospect of God’s New Thing (43:22–26)

If we are going to enter into the promise and purpose of God’s new thing in our lives then we must recognize certain facts. There is no way to realize the Lord’s new thing without perceiving two things of importance:

1. The failure of man to cope (43:22,24)

Failures in intercession – they had not called upon God. Failures in dedications – they had mocked Him. Failures in ministrations – caring for and pleasing the Lord.

2. The nature of God to care (43:25–26)

Conclusion: With God, the best is yet to be.

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