Friday, July 1, 2011

Oxygen Needed

Before we look at the first step, we need to consider the place of prayer in starting a church. Actually the first step is prayer. Before we attempt to plant a church anywhere, it’s imperative that we spend hours on our knees in prayer. In fact it would be wise for church planters to recruit personal intercessors to make up an intercessory prayer team who will pray for them, their teams, and the entire planting endeavor on a constant basis. Church planters, however, should not regard intercessory prayer as the first step because that might influence them to emphasize it only at the beginning of the process. Instead, it must be encouraged throughout the process. We can’t place enough emphasis on prayer! It is best to view the church as an infant who is constantly dependent on and surrounded by the air of prayer. Just as a person needs a constant supply of oxygen throughout life to survive, so the new church will need a constant supply of prayer throughout its life if it is to survive.

- Aubrey Malpurs, Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century

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